Maybe it's the ghoulish face. Maybe it's the creepy trailer. Or maybe it's Joshua's pasty-white arms. I cannot decide.

Crafty internet person Joshua, who plans on taking it to next year's Blizzcon, created a Diablo III costume for a mere $145 (and many, many man hours). Materials include stuff like 37 feet of aluminum foil and a handful of glue sticks and other things you can buy at Walmart.

The costume has a working jaw that opens and closes when Joshua opens and closes his own mouth. There are LED lights in the eye sockets and the mouth as well as the forehead and chest. Currently, the costume is about 45 percent finished.

If you're up for a real mind-fuck, check out the video in the gallery with Joshua wearing the Diablo III Diablo mask while in a white t-shirt.

And the room in the photos and video? Holy crap, that's scary, too.

Diablo 3 costume [Diablo Inc Gamers]

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