Dexter Game Coming To iPhones

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Well this certainly explains why Showtime Networks and Mark Ecko Entertainment were so reluctant to announce a platform when they revealed the game based off the forensic scientist / serial killer show Dexter. At a Comic-Con panel discussing the show, Mark Ecko himself appeared to drop details on the upcoming title, which as it turns out will be an episodic affair appearing exclusively on the iPhone and iPod Touch - not exactly what we were expecting, but considering the quality of some of the early iPhone game offerings still a rather intriguing prospect. While no gameplay was shown, Ecko revealed that the game would feature touch screen gesture controls, as well as incorporating text messages and phone calls in order to heighten the sense of immersion. Comic-Con: Episodic ‘Dexter' Game for iPhones [MTV Multiplayer]



Ugh. There is no accounting for how much I hate this show. My girlfriend is in love with it and she tried to get me into it when I was trying to get her into Lost.

The show sounds like it was scripted by a fifteen year old girl who spends too much time on LiveJournal and DeviantArt.

Dexter: "I live in a deep black dark abyss of dark blackness where my sole comfort is the dark black crimson abyss of dark red crimson blooooood."

Every woman on the show: "Oh, Dexter, you're so dreamy!"

Terribly stereotyped token black character: "Dexter! I'll kick yo' honkey ass, fool!"

Dexter: "Crimson black darkness emo buzzword."

What a terrible, terrible show.