Devil's Head

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Poop Soccer Round 2 I forgot to mention yesterday, over the weekend we went on a Cub Scout hike with Tristan up Devil's Head and to a fire lookout tower that is about 9,800 feet above sea level. The tower's pretty amazing to check out. It was actually built in 1912 and is still in use today. Once a day a ranger climbs to the top to check out the 360 degree view. They say that on a clear day you can see mountain peaks more than 100 miles away. I can't imagine spending my days looking out over a vast wild forest looking for that one flicker of flame. Still pretty cool to visit. What you missed: Real Naked Lady Invades Rise of the Argonauts Marriott And Nintendo Team For In-Room Wii Service EA Axes Tiberium For Not Meeting Standards Thompson Won't Fight Disbarment in Florida Silent Hill: Homecoming Review: Hello, Zombie Nurse AC/DC Rock Band is Wal-Mart Exclusive Afterall Left 4 Dead Gets New Box Art, Completes The Joke


Nothing to do with fire lookouts, but kinda (loosely) related:

Last year I went up Mount Teide in Tenerife where we reached a point when we was just above cloud level. The view was astonishing, looking out into the vast open space with a blanket of white below.

Its an odd thing when you view something only few have.