Devil May Cry's E3 Trailer Brings The White Hair

Don't like the new Dante's look? You may want to watch this.

You know, this still looks nothing like a Devil May Cry game. And as someone who was never really interested in Devil May Cry games before, but likes where this is going, that's a good thing.



They couldn't give it a US rating even for E3?

What's the deal here? I see lots of videos on Namco/Bandai's European youtube channel, I see lots of support and buzz about Dynasty Warriors and other Koei titles out of Europe and cool preorder bonuses for them (the UK got DW7 Pens, we didn't get pens!) so what's the deal?

Are Americans so unilateral in their tastes and preferences that there's no no reason to waste any effort on us anymore? Has the hive mind gotten so out of control and powerful that any attempt to advertise anything that doesn't look like Call of Duty, Madden, Halo, Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed is just a wasted effort?

I often wonder, is this of our own, conscious doing, or have the hands of others played a role in crafting such a narrow minded mob of like minded individuals.