Devil May Cry May Come To Movie Theaters

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Dante the demon slayer may be gracing the silver screen soon, now that Hollywood studio Screen Gems—the people who make the Resident Evil movies—has acquired the rights to make a Devil May Cry movie.


Variety reports that Capcom and Screen Gems have struck a deal to adapt Devil May Cry into a feature film, with Kyle Ward writing the script. He's the guy writing the Kane & Lynch screenplay, so let's hope his video game adaptation skills are up to the task.


Capcom and developer Ninja Theory are hard at work on a Devil May Cry reboot video game dubbed DmC. Factoring in that left turn for the franchise and the manner in which the Resident Evil films deviated from the video games, we're guessing Screen Gems won't be afraid to take liberties with Dante and friends.

Let's just hope they don't take it in a Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li direction...

'Devil May Cry' videogame heading to bigscreen [Variety]

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How hilarious would it be if, at the same time that the videogame reboot takes enormous liberties with the franchise, the movie stuck closely to the original trilogy (maybe being a faithful adaptation of DMC3), and fans ended up loving the movie and hating the new game?