Devil May Cry HD Collection Brings Back Original Dante Next April

Illustration for article titled emDevil May Cry HD Collection/em Brings Back Original Dante Next April

Capcom's looking to make both sorts of Devil May Cry fan happy in the coming months. They've got the re-envisioned DMC Devil May Cry update to their demon-hunting franchise releasing at some undetermined future date. That game sticks to the series' guns-and-swords play stle, even if it looks radically different. And traditionalists will get the white-haired Dante they love in newly re-mastered form in the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which collects the first three games of the series' original iteration. Capcom's just announced that the up-rezzed collection will be hitting both Europe and North America on April 3rd, 2012. You've got to think that DMC will hit later next year with the HD collection as a lead-in, right?


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Rachel Fogg

"Hi Dante! I missed you!"

DMC collection be 40 zenny right? Okay and when does Asura's Wrath come out? Around the same time right?

Okay, that ensures that Capcom will see my money for these 2 games, and not a red cent more.