For most smaller developers, getting a game on Steam is an important milestone. Often the most important. So a lot of weird stuff has to happen for a guy to not even know people are buying his game.

Yet that's exactly what's happened to Georgy Beloglazo, who in 2010 released a game called Phobos 1953. That game has since gone through some weird contracts and licensing deals, to the point where its recent release on Steam - now rebranded 1953 KGB Unleashed - was news to Beloglazo.

He claims he's not making a cent from sales of the "new" game, something publisher UIG dispute, pointing towards a 2011 contract. Beloglazo is also asking people not to buy this rebrand of his moody, historically-focused adventure game.

According to a report on Indie Statik, the source of the confusion is the fact the game has changed hands twice; once to a Russian publisher, then that publisher handed it off to UIG.

Regardless of licensing deals, it'd be wrong for Beloglazo and his studio to not get paid for what, name change or not, is still their work.


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