Deus Ex's Future Will Give You Creepy Robot Hands, Awesome Robot Eyes

Sarif Industries, a key player in the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution, manufactures robotic human body parts. This "commercial" for the company makes that look even creepier than it sounds.


Robot piano hands? Fine for piano, maybe, but what about holding kittens? And robot football arms? That was a perfect, if girly, pass for the cameras, but couldn't he just as easily taken the kid's head off with his super-human strength?

So many questions. Questions that won't have answers until we arrive in the distant future. Or, at least, until Deus Ex is out in August on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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The first questions that popped into my head: Why do all of these commercials have people in our world's modern clothing and environments? What happened to the whole cyber-renaissance thing, I saw no guys with white t-shirts in-game?

I'd take some slick all-cg trailer than some probably expensive to composite visual effects in low-budget live-action environments. Cmon, Portal 2 is doing a great job with advertising.

Still excited for the game though, and hoping it's awesome.