If you asked me how many graphics were in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, my answer would be, “a lot.” If I had to guess, I’d say, like, a hundred? Two hundred? It’s a lot, is the point.

This game is often ridiculously good-looking, especially on PC. That’s particularly true when there are no NPCs in the frame, and it’s just you and some beautifully rendered inanimate objects.


Here are some screenshots from the PC version of the game running at 1440p, mostly ultra settings.

Look at this cabinet in Adam Jensen’s bedroom:


Damn. I want that cabinet in my bedroom.

Check out this wood-panel wall:


Mmm, that is some supple wood.

The computer monitors in the various high-tech offices you’ll explore are often ridiculously detailed, as well.

See that tiny maintenance computer on the floor? Let’s enhance:


Oh what the hell, one more enhance:

I can tell that they misspelled “Healthy” as “Healty,” that’s how detailed that computer monitor is. You can actually read even more than what’s in that last screenshot, too.


Everywhere I go, the environments are absurdly detailed. Expand some of these screens to get the full effect:

There is definitely some dumb/obvious graffiti in the game, but there is also some really great stuff.

For all that handsome detail, the NPCs really do break the spell a bit, what with their wacky lip syncing and goofy animations.

But when you get everyone out of the frame, this is one damned good-looking game. Good work on those wood textures, everyone.