The budget-friendlier Gears of War reissue coming next month, while still not confirmed by Microsoft, has been detailed by its retailers, with GameStop giving us an indication about what we can expect in the new $39.99 package. In addition to the freely available Gears of War content already released on Xbox Live—two multiplayer map packs and a dose of themes and picture packs—a helping of Gears of War 2 content will ship on a bonus disc. It consists of stuff we've seen before, but brings some of the paid content in for free. Full details after the jump.

Gears of War Content

* Gamer Picture Pack

* Emergence Day Gamer Picture

* Emergence Day Theme


* Emergence Day Message from Cliffy B

* Gears of War Map Pack 1 Trailer

* Gears of War - Multiplayer Map Pack 1

* 'Hidden Fronts' Multiplayer Map Pack 2

Gears of War 2 Content

* Gamer Picture Pack

* Teeth Theme

* Teaser Trailer

* Trailer

* Assault Game Play Trailer


Gears of War with Maps [GameStop - thanks, coonkine!]