Details About Project Natal Pricing Emerge

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At an Microsoft event today in New York City, exec Robbie Bach talked about how the pricing for the upcoming motion controls Project Natal will work.


According to Variety, Bach said that the pricing will start high and decrease over time. "Relative to Natal," said Bach, "we'll see how the pricing cost works out. But people should except that it will go through the usual price curve."

The tech was first demoed at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year. Microsoft seems to be approaching Project Natal as its own platform, and not simply a peripheral. When asked when Project Natal will no longer be referred to by its code name "Natal", Bach replied, "When we tell you to call it something else."


Elsewhere during the event, Bach discussed mobile gaming, possibly feeding the flames of those waiting for a portable Xbox gaming device. According to Bach, "The portable market is important." He's right, it is. But important enough for Microsoft to launch its own platform? Continuing, Bach stated, "So in the gaming space, you need to make a fork in the road decision on whether you're going to do a portable device or focus on phones. The way technology is advancing with phones, [they are] going to be a very strong platform. The only think holding it back today is battery life."

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It's wise of them to avoid trying to break into the handheld market. There's just no more room for handhelds, with the PSP and DS already fighting quite hard and the iPhone dominating the ultra-casual sector. There's just no niche Microsoft could fill.

As for Natal, meh. Considering the pricing schemes of their rechargeable batteries, wireless adapters and hard drives, I can't expect it to be cheap at launch. I don't think there's a price I'd pay for it...maybe 30 or 40 bucks, but I wouldn't pay more than a full game's price for it when I already see no point in the tech.