Associating Bungie with Halo and Xbox is so last-gen. This generation, Bungie plans to release their newest game, Destiny, on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms—but some fans perceive console favoritism, and they're not happy about it.

If you've paid attention to Destiny at all in the past year, then you probably know what sorts of things have set some of the Bungie playerbase off. Sony has embraced the multiplatform shooter so much that, based on marketing alone, I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that Destiny was PlayStation exclusive. During E3, Sony opened with Destiny—and they boasted about how players would be able to play the game first on PlayStation. Sure enough, the Destiny alpha turned out to be PS4 only—and the upcoming Destiny beta will launch on PlayStation first, too. When I played Destiny earlier this year, before the public had access to the game, it was on the PS4. When the game actually releases, PlayStation Destiny owners will also enjoy timed console-exclusive content—such as multiplayer maps, a mission, and special items. The game will be a PlayStation exclusive in Japan.

All of this has come together to make some Bungie fans rather upset. One look at the Bungie forums at current, and you'll catch a lot of in-fighting between PlayStation and Xbox players, with the most popular trending threads mostly relating to Bungie's treatment of PlayStation fans versus Xbox fans. While some lay out their issues, others more angrily demand for change—and write petitions:



You can view a bunch more threads on these subjects here—though, obviously, the sort of folk that would populate a forum aren't necessarily representative of Bungie fans at large. And there are, in fact, some level-headed people on the forums that think this sort of thing is silly, too—because let's face it, some of the perks PlayStation Destiny owners will enjoy aren't that big of a deal. Still, it's interesting to see the effects of the shift in Bungie's platform loyalty, considering they traditionally debuted their Halo games on Xbox platforms. We can all talk about how console wars are dumb, but we can't deny that some business practices inevitably encourage that mentality and outlook.

How does Bungie feel about this? From an interview with GameSpot where a fan asked if Bungie would throw Xbox fans a bone, or if Bungie would "keep ignoring them:"

"Who's ignoring you? We're right here; making a game we hope you'll love. We're listening to your questions, and answering the ones we can. If you're a gamer who wants to play a Bungie game, you're very much on our mind— every day."


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