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Destiny's New Patch Means Treasure Keys For Everyone

Illustration for article titled iDestiny/is New Patch Means Treasure Keys For Everyone

Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space talking about how good Destiny is now, got a new patch today, and it’s got a few changes people will really care about. Treasure Keys for everyone!


Treasure Keys, consumable items that players can use to unlock the main reward chest at the end of the new Prison of Elders mode, are essentially lottery tickets—they’re rare items that give you a chance to acquire other, more useful rare items. Since Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion pack launched in mid-May, the drop-rate for Treasure Keys hasn’t been great, but it looks like that’s about to change.

The oddly-titled patch will guarantee Treasure Key drops for the first Wanted Fallen Bounty you finish on any given week. Bungie is also boosting the drop-rate for keys both in Ether Chests (which you find by killing Wolves out in the wild while patrolling various planets) and in the small chests at the end of the Prison of Elders, so finishing a POE run will feel way more satisfying even if you weren’t lucky enough to get a key beforehand.


Also: no more looting Ether Chests twice. Although that won’t matter much now that the drops are way better. You can read the full set of patch notes here.

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“Ammo consumables can now stack to 100”

Thank Jeebus! I’ve got enough special weapon synthesis to supply a small army filling up my bank, and you can’t destroy the damn things.