Just when people were starting to get burned out on Destiny, a video game about the endless hunt for a decent ghost shell, along comes a set of Halloween festivities that made me giggle way too hard.

Today in the world of Bungie’s space opera, you can go collect candy, buy masks, and use real money to purchase a few new Halloween-themed emotes that may tempt even the stingiest of consumers.

When you get into the Tower today, go talk to Eva Levante to start the festivities. You’ll get a bag of mystery items—including a mask or two—and a satchel for trick-or-treating. You can also get some quests that ask you to go out and get kills using certain masks. These quests will lead to more masks and other Halloween-themed rewards. (Redditors on r/DestinyTheGame are compiling a full list of the masks, which include Oryx, Crota, and a Legendary Engram, here.)


I wound up with a couple of neat masks including this sweet skull:

Almost everyone in the Tower is partying, including the Cryptarch, who is dressed as an engram:


Cayde-6 is wearing an Eris Morn mask:

Eris, on the other hand, isn’t a big Halloween person.


Thanks a lot, Eris.

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