Destiny's Bad Juju Is Now In Borderlands 3

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Screenshot: Joltzdude139 (YouTube)

Over the weekend players discovered Good Juju, Borderlands 3’s response to Destiny’s exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju.

The Legendary assault rifle was added to the game last week as part of its Maliwan Takedown update and is instantly recognizable to anyone who’s spent time with Bungie’s loot shooter. In addition to Good Juju looking an awful lot like Bad Juju, down to the alien monster head mounted on its barrel, the Borderlands 3 version also has the same iconic perk whereby getting kills with the weapon automatically refills the magazine.

Good Juju as it appears in Borderlands 3
Good Juju as it appears in Borderlands 3
Screenshot: Joltzdude139 (YouTube)
Bad Juju from the first Destiny
Bad Juju from the first Destiny
Screenshot: JV2017gameplay (YouTube)

Good Juju is also a burst rifle, like its Destiny inspiration, which aren’t as popular in Borderlands 3 as they are in Bungie’s shooter, making it stand out all the more. “Kinda, sorta wants to end all existence,” reads Good Juju’s flavor text, a nod to the game’s description in Destiny which reads, “If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will.”

According to Borderlands 3 YouTuber Joltzdude139, the legendary weapon drops from The Rampager in Mayhem Mode 4 and has great reload speed and hip fire accuracy, making it a well-rounded end game weapon.

Bad Juju only recently made the jump to Destiny 2 earlier this year during Season of Opulence and required a lot of grinding to get. It was worth it, though, in part because of how easy it is to point, aim, and shred enemies with it. Now Borderlands 3 players get to experience the glory for themselves.

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Ill be real, while I appreciate the gun is a referencer, they dont look all that similar to each other to me.