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Destiny Team Beats Rise of Iron's Raid In Two Hours

Illustration for article titled iDestiny/i Team Beats iRise of Iron/is Raid In Two Hours

Clan Redeem is the world’s first Destiny team to complete the new Rise of Iron raid, Wrath of the Machine. The raid launched at 1pm Eastern, and they completed it a bit past 3pm.


Nice work, Clan Redeem.

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If World’s First took just over two hours, then once the strategies get refined and perfected, I’d estimate regular runs of maybe 60 to 75 minutes. Not gonna lie, this has me excited to raid again.

The behemoth King’s Fall raid was so long and so complex that it killed a lot of motivation I had to raid. A raid that can be more easily completed in one sitting of 60 to 75 minutes is, by definition, more accessible than one that can take upwards of 3 to 4 hours each time a team runs it.