Destiny’s Newest Farming Trick: Valentine’s Day Suicide

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This week, everyone gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day festivities in Destiny, the video game version of the myth of Icarus.


Naturally, Destiny players have already found a new trick (h/t Luke) for optimizing the amount of loot they score in this new event, which started yesterday and lasts until Tuesday, February 16. It’s simple: You and a partner—perhaps a friend, or star-crossed lover—enter a match of Crimson Doubles, the new 2v2 PVP mode. Then you both kill yourselves.

As it turns out, you can get the new loot for Crimson Doubles—a Valentine’s Day-themed Ghost Shell that maxes out at 320 light—no matter how many kills you have. So in the interest of farming this thing as quickly as possible, Destiny players are going all Romeo and Juliet on us.


For example:

All across the Destiny community today, you’ll find players asking for partners and groups to join them in a suicide run. It’s hilarious, and oh-so-appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Incidentally, tomorrow is Activision’s next earnings call, where I’d guess we’ll hear more about plans for Destiny’s future, which may be grim at least for the next few months.

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As someone who has played TTK long enough to get a firefly+outlaw Imago Loop, I really hope the future isn’t as grim as it looks to be. I’ve said it before but this game would benefit HIGHLY from adopting the PSO challenge mode concept.

-Basically everybody works through actual challenges at the same levels and minimal equips.

- They level up as they progress through a stage picking up weapons/armor and leveling up in the given stage.

- A series of these stages must be completed in a certain period of combined time (something that can be done at one’s own pace since the stages are broken up and times are saved upon completion then added up at the completion of the final stage).

- At the end you are rewarded with a weapon of your choosing (one that you can name) and choose from a list of perks.

This would be a FANTASTIC addition to the PvE side of the game without adding brand new areas until they can pump out more content.