Destiny players: Did you compete in the first Trials of Osiris? If so, how’d it go? Let me know how you did, what you thought of the new map, what weapons you had success with, etc.

My own quick thoughts: The map (Last Exit) is weirdly balanced for 3v3, and I really didn’t like it at first. It feels like Alpha is at a consistent disadvantage. My distaste dissipated somewhat as I got to know the map better, but I still don’t love alpha. The glass was good for goofing around with the other team, which was fun.

The new meta still seems fluid—it might have solidified among top-level players, but the majority of the teams we went up against were sporting all sorts of different loadouts. Trespasser turned up more than a few times, as did Plan C and even some legendary fusion rifles. I like when you never know what you’ll be up against. The majority of players are still using pulse rifles/hand cannons with snipers/shotguns, of course.


Also, I got the new Trials hunter cloak and it has cat ears. Which means I can basically stop playing, because I’ve won Destiny.

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I’m enjoying the map a lot for 3v3 actually. When I first heard it was this map I hated it because it’s a terrible Control map, but I’ve really grown to like it for ToO.

As far as success my friends and I have been trying and we keep hitting a brick wall at 4 wins. We’ve lost 2 rounds between five cards before game 5, we’ve never won a game five. I attribute it to more luck than anything but it’s obnoxious.