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Destiny Mega Bloks Content Coming This Year

Illustration for article titled iDestiny/i Mega Bloks Content Coming This Year

Coming to toy store shelves later this year, Destiny Mega Bloks sets promise physical content fans of the series will enjoy briefly before setting it on the shelf and waiting for more. My friend Andy Robertson of FamilyGamerTV grabbed video of the figures and sets at Toy Fair. Let’s watch!


While I was usy running from appointment to appointment, Andy was busy shooting video and setting it to music. The show is so vast that I didn’t even see the Mega Bloks area, though I plan on stopping by today to make annoyance of myself.

Here’s some Destiny building bits.

I am going to steal his approach for all of my videos. Even the ones with me talking. No sound from me, just a little light dramatic music and plenty of zooming and swooping.


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If this were a franchise worth having Lego would have already snatched it up.