Destiny, Call Of Duty Servers Brought Down. Again.

Illustration for article titled emDestiny/em, emCall Of Duty/em Servers Brought Down. Again.

Seemingly continuing with their recent attempts at being the video game internet's biggest pain in the ass, a group calling themselves Lizard Squad have taken responsibility for the server problems that have brought down both Destiny and Call of Duty Ghosts tonight.


If it really is them - it's not like Bungie are going to come and say "oh, you got us, guys" - it's the second time this month they've gone after the same two games, both of which are published by Activision.


Call of Duty's servers appear to be back online, but at time of posting Destiny's are still affected.

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I'll never understand this sort of prankish hacking. What a waste of apparently talented people risking jail time over a few moments of anonymous internet "fame."