Hackers Claim Credit For Downed Destiny, Call Of Duty Servers

Illustration for article titled Hackers Claim Credit For Downed Destiny, Call Of Duty Servers

Hacker group Lizard Squad claims it's behind attacks that laid low servers for both Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts today, leaving players unable to connect and play.


Having taken credit for a massive DDOS attack that took down the PlayStation Network last month as well as a bomb threat that caused Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley's plane to be diverted last month, Lizard Squad now sets its sights on two of Activision's most popular online games.

Players of both games have taken to Twitter (as well as our tips email) to complain about the server outages for the two games, perfectly timed to tick off the weekend gaming crowd. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Destiny seem to have been affected. It's unclear which platforms encountered Call of Duty: Ghost problems, only that server problems were rampant.

After struggling to connect for ten minutes, I finally managed to connect to Destiny on the PlayStation 4, so the alleged attacks may be subsiding. Or this might be just the beginning.



DDoS isn't exactly "hacking" is it? Are we giving them too much credit?