My name is Michael Fahey, and while I am not a Destiny addict myself, I’m beginning to suspect I work with several of them. Maybe Rooster Teeth’s imaginary support group can help.

Over the course of the past nine years of working at Kotaku I’ve developed a habit of jumping from one game to the next, which may explain why I’ve escaped the Destiny craze despite my affinity with all things addictive. If I start playing I’ll do so for hours, but the urge to start just isn’t there—not with so many other strange and wonderful games on my plate.


Or maybe it doesn’t have enough dancing anime girls.

Either way I know that one day my colleagues, who shall remain nameless to protect Kirk and Jason’s identities, will need a support system like the one Rooster Teeth has proposed, and I will be there.

Well, off to the side playing a rhythm game on my Vita. But nearby.

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