Destiny 2 Taken Offline After Players Lose Currency, Materials [Update]

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Bungie has taken Destiny 2 offline entirely (at time of posting it remains unplayable) after an issue emerged with a hotfix released earlier today where players began losing their “Glimmer, Bright Dust, Infusion Materials, and/or other types of game currencies”.


The studio released a short statement this morning, saying the game had been taken offline “to prevent further loss of materials.” At 2pm ET/11am PT they had discovered the source of the problem, but have yet to complete the necessary testing to push the fix online.


Note that this isn’t a case of simply losing the last batch of stuff you picked up; some players have lost vast swathes of their stash, including some of the game’s rare Ascendant Shards and entire Glimmer reserves.

So if you’re trying to play Destiny 2 and can’t, or played earlier and have noticed your stuff is missing, this is why!

UPDATE 5:50pm: The fix has been found, and player states are being rolled back to restore lost items. It’ll be a few more hours until it’s live, though.

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...I play D2, and I recognize that as being Nessus.. but what’s the green shit?