Destiny 2 Players Can't Decide What This Weird Cat Statue Means

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Last week, Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event began, bringing with it a new activity set in a new area: the European Aerial Zone. Ever since, players have been scouring it for potential hidden lore or secret areas that could be tucked away somewhere in its many floating rocks and abandoned buildings. So far, all that players have found is a cat statue.

This week, one of the most popular discussion topics on the raidsecrets subreddit—a hub for Destiny 2 players looking for all manner of secret Destiny mysteries—is a hidden tunnel that can be accessed by glitching through a sealed sewer grate underneath the European Aerial Zone. The only thing that’s there is a weird little cat statue that doesn’t seem to do anything. Here is YouTuber Timbouton demonstrating how to glitch through the sewer entrance.

Players are a bit torn about what it could mean, if anything at all. One theory is that we’re looking at a placeholder. Redditor AshOfHyrule notes the incongruity of the wall behind the statue: it looks like two walls, one destroyed in front of one perfectly flat and intact. That flat brick texture, they argue, doesn’t look all that different from ones that have blocked off other previously inaccessible parts of the game, like the Tower Annex room where Ada now resides following the Season of the Forge update.


Other players have been more dismissive of the discovery, noting that since the cat statue tunnel is only accessible via glitch, it is likely either nothing at all, or something that won’t become meaningful until an update significantly changes this area of the game.

Complicating matters is the fact that this isn’t the first cat statue of this type to show up in Destiny 2. One of the many secrets tucked away in The Dreaming City endgame zone, which was added in Forsaken, is nine similar-looking cat statues. If you bring gifts to those statues, specifically gifts you can earn from doing activities in that area, you’ll be rewarded with gear. The cat statue in the EAZ currently cannot be interacted with, and there doesn’t seem to be any connection between this cat and the others.

Still, players keep talking about the cat statue. You could chalk a lot of that hubbub to anticipation; there’s a big expansion coming very soon, and players are primed to look for anything. The EAZ, then, is the natural place to look for hints, since it’s the newest area of the game. It’s also pretty inscrutable. There’s not a whole lot there to visually take in, although the fictional backstory behind the place is absolutely batty. It’s a locale brought about by the collective meditation of countless Guardians reflecting on “past triumphs,” which is, if you ask me, a million times more bizarre than any cat statue will ever be.

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Eva Levante:“Our warlocks built this mind palace for you to revel in-”

Guardian:“but what about this cat statue”


“The statue of the cat. The cat. why did you put this in here. Are you hiding an exotic weapon? Are you fulfilling Riven’s wishes!? WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!?”

“’s just a statue of a cat!”