Destiny 2 Players Are Losing Their Minds Over Fallen Babies That Look Like Grenades [UPDATE: Plushies Incoming]

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If you’ve ever played Destiny or Destiny 2 for more than 15 minutes, you’ve probably killed at least several Fallen. The bug-eyed bad guys frequently stand between your Guardian and whatever they’re trying to accomplish, and they just crunch so good when you thwack ‘em with a giant hammer. But I swear to god, if you even think of laying a finger on one of their grenade-shaped children, I will end you with a grenade that is not also a child.


Today, Bungie revealed Destiny 2's upcoming Season of the Splicer, but that’s not what everyone is talking about. Instead, fans are losing their godforsaken minds over Fallen babies, which appeared in the season’s trailer for under one second. But that was more than enough. A bandolier-shaped bundle of joy has taken the Destiny community by storm.

“IF YOU DON’T MAKE BABY FALLEN PLUSHIES I’M QUITTING THE GAME,” wrote one fan on Twitter, echoing a sentiment shared by many, many others.

“Must protect the baby Fallen at all costs,” said the official Twitter gaming account, also echoing a sentiment shared by many, many others.

Other tweets and memes compare the Fallen babies to Baby Yoda, who—let’s be real—is probably in some way to blame for this. But honestly, the messages I just quoted and paraphrased are in the minority. Most are just the words “BABY FALLEN” in capital letters.

Most importantly, though, a lot of people have observed that the Fallen babies have very small hands. And they do. Look at those hands. They’re so little. I would like to further add that their mandibles are equally tiny—perhaps even tinier. I think it’s very important that everybody take note of this.

Despite Fallen babies only being a concept in people’s minds for a handful of hours, there’s already plenty of fan art.


One player, game concept artist Jake Myler, revealed that he attempted to draw his envisioning of what a baby Fallen would look like back when Destiny 1 first came out. He missed the mark a little.


This has not escaped the notice of Destiny’s development team, which also made a bunch of other stuff for this update, but seemingly could have just handed players a bunch of Fallen babies and called it a day.

“Y’all I haven’t even finished walking the dog and people are yelling about Fallen babies,” assistant game director Joe Blackburn wrote on Twitter.


So, in conclusion, Fallen babies. Any questions?

Update (05/07/2021, 1:30 p.m. ET): Seemingly encouraged by the response to these Fallen babies, Bungie has announced its intention to produce plushies of the alien toddlers. They’re expected to ship before the end of 2021.



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They are grenades and you cannot convince me other wise.  I call them baby boomers.