Destiny 2 Is Getting Some Wild New Exotic Gear In Beyond Light

Screenshot: Bungie

Bungie teased a bunch of new exotic guns and armor coming to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light next month in a new trailer today. One of them summons a floating orb that shoots bullets from an alternative timeline.


One of the biggest criticisms of Destiny 2 back when it first launched was the dearth of fun and interesting exotic gear compared to the first game. Bungie has spent every year since trying to right that wrong, and the new arsenal coming to the game in 2020's annual expansion on November 10 looks like one of its coolest yet. There are 10 new exotics getting added in total and here’s the trailer showing each one of them in action:

It begins with No Time To Explain, a new exotic pulse rifle that returns ammo to the magazine after landing a precision hit against an enemy affected by Stasis, the new elemental power getting added to the game next season. Better still, as those precision hits stack, the gun will summon a portal that fires weapons from another timeline. One the one hand it’s sort of just a glorified turret, but on the other it shoots goddamn dimension-hopping bullets.

From there we get a look at a sniper rifle that summons lightning, a sword that cuts through shields and heals you, and a grenade launcher that freezes enemies with giant crystals on detonation. The exotic armor also seems pretty nifty, although as always the Titan and Hunter stuff seems a lot more fun than what Warlocks are getting.

Gif: Bungie

For example Titans get a gauntlet that gives them an overcharged shield transforming them into a mobile wrecking crew, while Hunters get a helmet that changes their dodge into a long-range blink teleportation. Warlock gear, meanwhile, will be focused on DPS with a helmet that increases the damage of Daybreak projectiles and a gauntlet that adds a poisonous touch to melee attacks. Still neat, and the armor pieces themselves look fantastic, but I’m a bit tired of playing the glass cannon space wizard at this point.

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Screenshot: Bungie

Bungie didn’t go into any detail about new legendary armor sets and weapons, but it did reveal what they look like in a few screenshots over on the website. Suffice it to say the guns look like K’NEX and the armor is accented with weird bits of fur to remind you that Europa, the moon with almost no atmosphere, is cold as hell. While I’m not feeling the style so much, it does have me wishing Bungie would team up with Lego to re-launch the toy company’s blue and orange Ice Planet sets from the ‘90s.

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The new Hunter and Titan stuff looks completely broken PvP wise, and as always the Warlock stuff only looks useful in PvE.

Why does Bungie keep giving the class with the worst melee in the game all the melee based exotics.