Despite Haters, Fortnite Players Fill Enormous Dusty Divot Crater

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Now that the Fortnite comet has hit, the map is doted with craters. The biggest crater, as we all know, is located at Dusty Divot. You can’t really go to Dusty without entering a fight now. Regardless, one group of fearless Fortnite fans challenged themselves to build over the entire crater, and it turned into an inspiring adventure that challenged the very nature of the conflict-laden game.

YouTuber Muselk drops onto the island with a squad that has a singular goal: fill Dusty Divot. To do it, the match needs to start with an intense resource-gathering session. Any type of material will do. Resources in hand, the team rushes to Dusty and started building. The problem? They didn’t mine nearly enough material. The first try is a total bust. Oh, but don’t worry. They keep trying:

Once the team figures out how many resources they actually need, the real problems start to surface. For one, the squad is at the mercy of the storm circle. If the game decides an area will become toxic, the squad can’t stay at Dusty for too long without dying. But the biggest issue is other players. Naturally, anyone hopping into a battle royale game is going to try to kill other participants: it’s the entire point of the game.


Muselk knows this. He has a theory: people will try destroying their creation at first, but if the crew manages to make it big enough, others will join in. This is easier said than done, of course. The crater is HUGE.

“I feel so small,” one teammate says as they start to build.

The first few tries are complete failures, but the group doesn’t lose hope. One attempt even sees people ceasing fire, opting to dance instead. But it’s not long before someone pops in with a rocket launcher and ruins the whole thing. Th teams gets exasperated.

“Who sees something like this and starts shooting?” Muselk asks. “I don’t understand.”

“What kind of sick bastards would shoot at this?” he continues as he looks at the awe-inspiring landscape.


“You see someone filling up a giant fucking crater in the ground, and you shoot at it? You tryhard fucks!”

Despite the John Wicks, however, Muselk does prevail. Barely. Near the end of the 20 minute video, a battle ensues over the crater. Most of the team dies. The storm starts closing in. But the glorious bastards do it:


Just build indeed.

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Fortnite devs, just create a Farmville Mode where the fighting is taken out and 50 people are plopped into a server to build whatever they want. It might surprise you how many people enjoys that.