Fortnite Players Stop Waiting For Comet, Destroy Tilted Towers Themselves

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Rumors abound that tryhard central Tilted Towers will become a crater at the end of the current Fortnite season. Some players, however, didn’t want to wait until the end of April to see the comet event conclude. Instead, these fans took matters into their own hards.


Fortnite allows players to build structures, yes, but also destroy them—nearly everything placed on the map can be broken down. By this logic, it should be possible to get rid of an area on the map with a pickaxe. It’s just highly unlikely to ever happen in a regular match, because Fortnite is a game about survival and most players will shoot you on sight. It’s also technically against the rules to band together in a solo game, which makes mass coordination nearly impossible.

All the same, on Reddit, user xsqoof organized a Tilted Towers “wake celebration.” At a specific time, participants would log into Fortnite, jet to Tilted Towers, and destroy every single item at the locale. “Once everything is gone, we all have a massive dance party to pay respects to the city,” xsqoof wrote. To recognize one another, players planned to all wear the default skin. Anyone else would be murdered. Surprisingly, the plan worked. Players reportedly successfully got rid of Tilted Towers on multiple platforms, across different games.

Behold, as dozens of players descended on Tilted Towers to bid it adieu, as you can see in this video by Messyeater:

If you want a third-person look at the festivities, make sure to watch this upload by EverydaY_AussiE. Even with dozens of players going at it, leveling Tilted Towers still takes a few minutes.

At the end, players mass-built pyramids on the floor and had a dance party:


It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Some players wanted to play a normal match of Fortnite and had no idea any of this was going on. Others seem to have caught wind of the situation and actively tried to ruin it. Apparently, having this many players in one area reportedly caused the game to lag, too.

“I was breaking down my first building when I was killed by a guy,” wrote Reddit user VinceTwelve. “As I spectated him, he switched to his axe and started breaking things until he was close to another guy. Then he switched to shotgun, killed him, and switched back to his axe and blended in again. He had six kills before someone finally caught on and dealt with him.”


“My first time we crashed the server, my second we built pyramids everywhere and I placed a launch pad before we broke the ice cream truck,” wrote Reddit user n0name010. “Then some guy pumped me. Luckily he was swiftly taken care of and given the L.”

“My first game, we did it until some John Wick Dickweed came and killed me and others,” wrote Funko_Mike.


“There was a huge dance party followed by a John Wick with a rocket launcher,” wrote Messyeater5. “He go a lot of kills.”

Despite the evil John Wicks, it’s cool to see Fortnite players pull this off. It’s particularly heartening to watch the wake end through the storm, which slowly but surely kills everyone standing on the remains of Tilted Towers. Even as the storm claimed lives, however, the party refused to end:


I mean, it is kindof ridiculous to expect people to play by your self imposed rules and refrain from killing other players in a game where the explicit goal is to kill other players.

Some people may actually want to spend the night playing their game, not having an online dance party. If you’re going to make yourself a convenient target.... well....