On Tuesday Ubisoft said its Swedish game studio Massive will lead the development of a game set in the world of James Cameron’s Avatar. That left some people, including us, wondering what that meant for the future of The Division, the 2016 Massive-led co-op third-person shooter that got its last, announced expansion also on Tuesday. Not to worry, Ubisoft says.

“Avatar’s development has no impact on the team working on The Division or on our plans to continually support and update the game and brand for the long term,” a Ubisoft rep told Kotaku. “We’re proud of what the team has accomplished with The Division, thankful for our community’s dedication, and looking forward to sharing more about what’s coming next for the game very soon.”


The rep noted that the Avatar game is “a new project with its own dedicated team.”

The Division launched to huge sales a year ago, but shed players quickly as players fretted about cheaters, glitches and a lack of satisfying endgame content. A rocky year of patches, expansions and major changes brought many players back and improved the game, though the third of three announced expansions, the PvP-centric Last Stand, has left some players complaining that the game never expanded enough–too many new gameplay modes and not enough new story, basically. But the foundation is there and it seems Ubisoft will continue to build on it.

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