Desperate for news on Dragon Age: Inquisition? BioWare's got a new blog post up today with some cool screenshots and a few details about their progress on the game, still slated for fall 2014. It's a good read for Dragon Age fans.


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Cannot freaking wait for this game. Bioware imo have not gone "downhill" as people say. The only rushed game they did was dragon age 2 and the story and some aspects of the game still managed to be better than most games. Mass effect series was awesome, and they completely made sense of the ending with the extended cut so I forgive them for that. The ending felt complete, may not be the endings many people wanted but who are you to tell a writer how they end the story on their own game?

This game looked incredible from what was shown at PAX prime and is getting better by the day. It might even be better than origins.