Designing New, Badass Female Fighting Game Characters

FIGHT! Round 1 is a zine that's getting some of the internet's best artists together for a single purpose: "create their own original female fighting game character."

The images submitted so far are outstanding, and there's a cool tough to the zine's design, too; each character had to be drawn facing either left or right, so that they could be arranged facing off against one another across the page.


It's being put together by illustrator Jenn Woodall, who says of her inspiration for the project:

I've always really loved the character and environment design that came with fighting games. Some of my personal favourites are Marvel VS Capcom 2, Soul Calibur II, Darkstalkers, Battle Arena Toshiden 2, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat and Guilty Gear. I was inspired to do the project by games like these and my love of tough female characters. All of the art for the book is fantastic and showcases a variety of female characters, each totally original with their own origin story to be included in the index at the back of the zine.

It's hoped Round 1 is just the first issue, with two more planned if its Kickstarter campaign is successful.

(via Attract Mode)

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