Facebook can accommodate discussions about video games, yeah, but Facebook is also Facebook. As in, there are privacy concerns, and it looks like we're still in 2006.

So I'm interested in Brink, a concept (this isn't a real thing) for a "social network for critics", which in crude terms looks to be a cross between Facebook's interaction, a wiki's databases and something like the Giant Bomb community.

Designed by Matthew Mitchell and Justin Vachon, it's very easy on the eye, in the way these sort of things are before you have to put ads on them, and also very comprehensive, in the way these sort of things are before stuff breaks in testing.

Still worth a look, though, especially if you long for the days when your internet social interactions are on something prettier than Facebook. God only knows how much it would cost to actually build and maintain something like this, but from where I'm sitting, it'd be a lot.

Brink [Behance]