We Biked Down Some Big Procedurally Generated Hills In Descenders

Descenders is a game about coasting down huge, graphically lucious, procedurally generated hills on a BMX bike. [Correction: I’m told it’s a mountain bike. I refuse to believe you can’t do BMX tricks with it as well.] It is technical and tricky. I played it and made one of those bizarre videos I somehow convince Kotaku to let me make.

Descenders is fast and smooth. I’ve been playing it at home on my 144hz monitor. When you’re biking down a dirt trail between a cluster of pine trees, each of those 144 frames per second is a different flavor of shrill nausea. It’s horrifying. It scares me so much, I just had to make a video to tell you of the memories Descenders has tricked me into recalling.


I like Descenders. It’s dumb. It also has a robust online user experience. It’s out February 9 on Steam.

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