To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: Today? I Looked at BATS

Our house is a mess right now, utter confusion. We have four dogs running around, we're getting all of this work done and we're in the midst of packing up everything but our essentials to prepare for putting the place on the market.

So last night, I run upstairs to grab something out of Tristan's room in the dark. After bending over to pick the something up (tape, scissors, my memory), I quickly stood up and started to hustle out the door. Or at least that's what I planned to do. Instead I whipped my head around directly into the solid piece of steel jutting from my son's wall. It's a piece of metal that is bolted to the stud in the wall, which we used to hold an bowling pin autographed by all of his friends from some birthday party.


The corner of this thing smacked me about two inches above my right eyebrow. It was stunning how much it hurt. When I looked in the mirror I discovered a dent in my head that looked like it could be used to unscrew my skull with a nickel.

A few minutes later the dent was gone, quickly replaced by a gi-normous lump.

I asked my wife if I should be worried about it. (She used to be an operating theater and trauma nurse). She said it wasn't a big deal. Worse case it was a mild concussion, she said, and that just means bed rest.

Today my head throbs every time I raise my eyebrow up at the Internet. It has been a painful day.

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If it was particularly heavy blow, then it could be a minor fracture, which honestly isn't too much to worry about. The cranium is surprisingly malleable, and obviously since it's privy to changing shape through time, sometimes external forces can alter it.

Since you have a lump there right now, apply witch hazel and wait for it to go down and see if the dent remains; if the dent's still there and there's still substantial pain then it's probably worth getting an X-ray, in case the fracture's deeper than expected (plus, the frontal lobes can be a little temperamental when it comes to trauma, so headaches don't necessarily mean concussion). If you experience dizzy spells and/or vomitting, you're concussed and need to see a doctor.

Oh, and avoid 4chan to prevent any further eyebrow raising.