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There's a feel-good story to be had behind the PAL release of role-playing game Demon's Souls: not just the fact it's on its way to Europe and Australia, but that the accompanying strategy guide has been written by fans.


Yes, when Namco Bandai said the strategy guide was all-new, it wasn't kidding, having enlisted the help of Wayne & Matthew, the operators of Demon's Souls Wiki, the internet's biggest resource for fans of the game. Along with some assistance from the site's contributors, the pair have provided the material that makes up the book, which should mean you're getting a little extra love in your strategy compared to the professionals that do guides for a living.


Sure, the deal means they don't get paid, but they do get credit for work that's essentially already been done for free, as do a few of the Wiki's other contributors. So a community gets to see their FAQ in print, Namco Bandai gets to give it away for basically nothing, and everybody who buys the game walks away happy.

A strange deal, then, but a feel-good one nonetheless.

ANNOUNCEMENT [Demon's Souls Wiki]

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