Democratic Socialism Simulator Lets You Tax The Rich, Nationalize Amazon

Illustration for article titled iDemocratic Socialism Simulator/i Lets You Tax The Rich, Nationalize Amazon

In Democratic Socialism Simulator, the goal is simple: loads of cute American animals are going to either ask questions about, or give advice related to, government policy. And you, as “the first socialist president of the United States”, have to decide what to do.


It’s not quite as simple as just saying “yay” or “nay”, though. You need to balance the needs of voters, the economy and the environment, and while taxing the rich is very much on the cards, it also brings with it certain risks.


I want to be friends with the Treasurer.

It’s available now for $5 on

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The DLC “Centrist Simulator” comes out later where the mechanics are to *say* you want the end-goals of Democratic Socialism, but every time it’s offered to you or a party member brings it up, you have to stomp it out as viciously as possible on your own or siding with your opposition party.

“Change will come,” the slogan goes “but only after decades of milquetoast incrementalism that mostly just prolongs the suffering until the problem has become too large to conventionally fix/improve”