Dell's Black Friday Deal: 360 With Free Rock Band 2

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It's no sell-at-a-loss Wii deal, but Dell's Black Friday offer isn't too shabby. The company's Dell Home catalogue has only a single game-related entry, but it's a decent one:

XBox 360 Arcade Holiday Bundle w/Rock Band 2 Game - $199.00.

For reference, the Arcade is $199 anyway. So you get a free copy of Rock Band 2 with it. And the free Sega Superstars Tennis. And the five free arcade games. It's most likely the disc-only version of Rock Band 2, but still, that's a handy saving should you be...someone who owns Rock Band 1 (with instruments) on 360 and...needs another 360...without a HDD... Dell Home [Black Friday]


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Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science.

Ouch that would suck to get for christmas. Xbox would be great and everything but its like here have rockband 2 but you can't play it.