Defamation of Childhood

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Yes, I Can See Everyone Is Wearing Straw Hats


So you think straw hats are bad? Get this.

Over the past few months the mother of one of Tristan's schoolmates has decided that despite what their teacher says, Tristan is to blame for all of their trouble the child gets into. Back in February the teacher had to get directly involved after the mother starting emailing my wife to berate her about it.

Yesterday this woman decided it would be a good idea to email all of the parents in his class and tell them that Tristan is now stealing from her son and beating him up. Of course we checked with the teacher and it's not true. This seems to be the latest form of grade school bullying: Parents picking up the mantel and picking on 6 and 7-year-olds themselves.

I spent a chunk of my already packed day meeting with the school to make sure we were all on the same page and to see what we could do about protecting our son. Not much it turns out, though they were very good about addressing our concerns. Fortunately the woman is taking her child out of the school in three weeks, so this shouldn't be an issue anymore next month.

I wish I could say kids will be kids, but it looks like parents will be kids too sometimes.

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Jesse in Japan

File a lawsuit for defamation of character and harassment.

I'm dead serious.