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Dedicated DayZ Player Spends Hours Swimming To Mysterious Island

Illustration for article titled Dedicated emDayZ/em Player Spends Hours Swimming To Mysterious Island

Eleven kilometers off the coast of Chernarus, the map zombie-and-player-killing simulator DayZ takes place on, lies "Debug Island." Also known as "Schadenfreude Island," this abandoned and barren little piece of land has gone unexplored in the standalone version of DayZ... until now.


Before he took off on his four hour plus trip, redditor Gews had to make sure he was well prepared. After making sure his character was properly hydrated and fed, and grabbing three canteens' worth of clean water for the trip, Gews set out to sea:


It's a shame there's nothing there. Seems like a great place for buried treasure. A magic sniper rifle or something.

Journey to Schadenfreude Island [r/dayz]

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4 hours and nothing happened? sounds like a normal day in dayz