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Deathsmiles Limited Edition Is So Very Pretty

Illustration for article titled Deathsmiles Limited Edition Is So Very Pretty

As if Xbox 360 gothic-lolita shmup Deathsmiles could get any more attractive, publisher Aksys reveals the Deathsmiles Limited Edition, packed in a super-sized box with a Xbox 360 and a soundtrack album. Now how much would you pay?


Here I am, pleased as punch that Deathsmiles is getting a North American release at all, and Aksys goes and ups the ante with this attractive limited edition set. Packed inside the attractive long box is a copy of the game, a limited edition Xbox 360 faceplate, and the Deathsmiles premium arrange album, featuring fifteen tracks hand-picked by the game's director.

It's a gorgeous collection, and it'll only set you back $49.99, which is less than I'd pay for the game alone. I know which version I'm picking up. How about you folks?

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how does a game get a limited Xbox Special edition release? I merely ask because Ip like SF4, FF13, and Halo I can understand but smaller lesser known releases seems kinda odd.

i'm not ragging on this. In fact I think it looks really cool, but I'm just a little surprised thats all.