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PS5-Exclusive Deathloop Comes To Game Pass With New Content

Arkane's immersive arcade sim finally hits Xbox alongside Goldenloop update

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Deathloop's heroes try to shoot on another in a piece of the game's colorful key art.
Image: Bethesda

A year after its debut as a PS5-exclusive, the critically-acclaimed blockbuster roguelite Deathloop is finally headed to Xbox Game Pass. The game will be available there starting September 20, and players across all platforms will have reason to celebrate. A major free new content update called Goldenloop goes live the same day, adding new abilities, secrets, and an extended ending.

In addition to Game Pass, Deathloop will also be added to PS Plus Extra, Sony’s competitor to the Netflix-like subscription service. The Goldenloop update, meanwhile, appears to be the game’s biggest since it launched in September 2021. In addition to new powers and upgrades, it’ll also bring an unusual new weapon and enemy type. Here’s everything the free update includes:

  • Fugue: ability with four upgrades that intoxicates enemies, rendering them temporarily harmless
  • HALPS Prototype: rifle that fires a continuous laser beam which can ricochet off security cameras and turrets
  • Paint-Bomber: enemy that straps explosive pigment to itself and charges at you before detonating
  • Masquerade upgrades: Julianna’s default ability now has four upgrades that do things like let her swap identities with more targets and automatically tag Colt when a copy is killed
  • 2-in-1 trinkets: 19 new trinkets sport dual bonuses, letting you equip double the number of enhancements
  • Extended ending: the devs are teasing some new secrets alongside an expanded conclusion to the story

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All of this is making me the most excited I’ve been about Deathloop since back when I was halfway through the game. I wasn’t as wowed by Arkane Lyon’s moody immersive sim as some critics, and felt like the final package didn’t really come together. While I love some of the individual parts, they never quite cohered into something more meaningful for me. At eight hours in I was enraptured by its modern mid-century spy aesthetic and rampaging level design. By the final act it was starting to feel repetitive, with no deeper narrative mystery to keep me invested. The ending left me especially cool. Hopefully the new version sticks the landing a little bit better.


Still, I’m excited for more people to finally get a chance to play it and make up their own minds about Arkane’s time-bending shooter labyrinth. Game Pass subscribers have been waiting for Deathloop to come to the service ever since Microsoft bought parent company Bethesda in early 2021. Now that the exclusivity agreement with Sony has officially run out, they’ll get their chance, as will PS Plus Extra subscribers. One part of the game that did win me over without reservation was its clever online multiplayer, which lets players invade one another’s playthroughs and try to assassinate each other. It can be janky at times, but it also raises the stakes to a whole new level. Cross-play will let PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players experience those thrills and headaches together.