Germany's rating board, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, may have let an awesome Xbox Live Arcade announcement out of the bag a bit early, as it has rated Death Tank for the Xbox 360. Should you have gone without a Sega Saturn and copies of either Powerslave or Duke Nukem 3D, Death Tank is a 2D multiplayer tank shooter with a deforming landscape, similar to the Worms series, but with more tanks and more death. The hidden game may not have been the main draw on those two Saturn releases, but this is perfect XBLA fodder, folks. Death Tank has yet to be officially confirmed or announced for the 360, but with the Leipzig Games Convention right around the corner, we're hoping that means we'll get our hands on a playable version very, very soon. OH #%!& SON, IT'S 'DEATH TANK' FOR XBOX LIVE ARCADE [GamerBytes]


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