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Death Over Easy

Illustration for article titled Death Over Easy

Kotaku people! Now that Tuesday is coming to a close, we'd better send it off formally with some off topic conversation. That's what tonight's open thread is for, you know? That and delicious, deadly eggs.


That pic of fried egg skull comes courtesy of PopCap Games, or so I'm told, and has made me astonishingly hungry. I'm off to remedy that. You guys and gals, take it to the comments, but not before taking a gander at some of the following links of interest.

Talk amongst yourselves, please!

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Just found out that I may be able to start College in January, assuming I get accepted and can get OSAP.

Problem is, I'm 26 and it's only been the past few months I've realized how much of a failure at life I am. At 26 I should be 4 years out of College making 70k+/year. House, decent car, etc. Instead I make next to nothing, don't even have my drivers license and have absolutely nothing to show for the 8 years I've been out of high school. Complete. Fail.