Because it is a Mega Man game, the upcoming Mega Man Universe will be tough. In New York, yesterday, a Capcom employee was willing to try only an "easy" level for our camera. His fear of failure is understandable.


The video shows a playthrough of one of three Mega Man Universe levels that had been designed for September's Tokyo Game Show. The levels are comprised of components from Mega Man 2, the only old Capcom game the company will currently admit is part of this game. Elements from other Capcom games will presumably be included, given that Mega Man Universe is being presented as a sort of Mega Man Construction Set — with even non-Mega Man characters confirmed.

Note the customizable characters shown in the video. Shudder at the appearance of the sorry, original-North-American-box-art Mega Man. He is finally intentionally hideous, and he is finally a star of sorts.


I didn't see the medium-difficulty Mega Man Universe level. Off camera, I tried the hard one. It featured floating blocks that collectively spelled "Mega Man" and hovered over a ladder that led to a cruel pit lined with spikes. This level showed up in an earlier gameplay trailer. No sane person would have tried that level live on video, not if they wanted to look good playing it.

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