Death By Fire Alarm

To: Bash
From: Crecente

Last night, still a bit sleep deprived from my international travel and in a deep, deep, deep sleep, I was jolted awake by the sound of not one, but two fire alarms going off in the house. And these were those testing sounds, this was a full blown fire alarm.

Needless to say, my heart almost exploded. Normally, that sort of thing wouldn't probably set me off as much because I'm a not a deep sleeper, but I was passed out when that alarm went off.

I ran to Tristan's room to find him as freaked out, and tried to call him down until Trish could stumble into the room, then I went through the house looking for fire, or smoke, or anything. After a careful inspection of the entire house I couldn't find a single thing, so we all piled into our bed and went back to sleep.


Weird huh?

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I hate fire-alarms.

I once wanted to be really romantic and invited my (ex-)girlfriend over. I prepared the room with flowers, music and a lot of candles. As silly as I was I didn't think about the fire-alarm that was hanging right above 3 candles. In the middle of the act, the fire-alarm goes off, we almost get a heart-attack and my parents rush up with a fire-extinguisher to see what happened. That's why I will NEVER be THAT romantic again in my house. The worst thing? My father singing "burning down the house" for 2 weeks straight, every goddamned day, just to remind me of the picture of my (ex-)girlfriend and me hiding underneath the blankets and my parents standing there with the "D:" expression and a fire-extinguisher...

I should really call that girl again.