Death Blog Lady Strikes Again. Even Disneyland Is Not Safe.

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This weekend, a Tokyo Disney Sea visitor suffered quite a scare. While riding the Raging Spirits rollercoaster, the safety bar raised while in motion. The 34 year-old man tried to get out of the car and injured his leg. Thankfully, the man had only minor injuries.


That same day, a Japanese celebrity posted a Disney photo. A Japanese celebritity with an infamous blog. A Japanese celebrity with a "Death Blog".

Online in Japan, pin-up model Aki Higashihara's blog is called the "Death Blog", after the popular manga Death Note. In that manga, writing people's names in the Death Note notebook leads to their demise. It's said the same is true for Higashihara's blog. Have a look at her trackrecord (more here):

• Higashihara works as a campaign girl for the Dreamcast, and then the console is defeated by the PlayStation 2.

• She works as a campaign girl for loan firm DIC. DIC goes under.

• In 2007, she begins appearing on horse racing show Super Keiba. The show, in its 20th year on air, is cancelled three months later.

• In 2008, she states she'll marry at the Imperial Hotel. A fire breaks out at the hotel.

• In early 2008, Higashihara appears at a McDonalds for an event. Parasites are found in the burgers the next day.


• That same year, she appears in an ad for instant ramen. Later, parasites are found in that company's instant noodles and insecticides are found at the factory.

In November 2010, she apparently killed the Nintendo Wii after blogging about her recent Wii purchase. The Wii U, of course, was announced at the following E3 game expo, thus effectively killing off the Wii.


For this latest incident, she posted an image she took of Tokyo Disney Sea the day before the accident. She had posted an image of Minnie Mouse ears, writing that she's was going to go celebrate her daughter's belated birthday (presumably at the park).

Much of the "Death Blog" comments online in Japan are tongue in cheek. That being said, bad luck sure follows the lady, turning the Happiest Place on Earth into the scariest.


むすめ [ひがしはらですか? via Himasoku]



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