Dear Pokémon Players: Your Animal Crossing Town Misses You

It was your home, once. You built it up, and made a lot of friends there. Then you set off on another adventure; on a quest to become the very best, like no one ever was. You left one home for another.

But your Animal Crossing town is still there, sitting on your 3DS, awaiting your return. Lark perfectly imagines the bittersweet feelings of a game left behind, as Isabelle quietly laments her mayor's departure for greener, newer pastures. (Side note: Check out Lark's whole Tumblr for more cool stuff.)


With Phoenix Wright and Zelda games on the horizon, it seems a lot of Animal Crossing towns are going to continue go unattended for a good long while.


Aw, Isabelle. We'll always have the bug-off.

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