Deadstock 1986 Super Mario Bros. Slippers Are A Modern Masterpiece

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Imagine, it’s 1986, you’re a grown-ass adult living in Japan and after a hard day’s salaryman/womanning you get home to your apartment, kick your shoes off at the door and slip on these beautiful babies.

Now take that thought and throw it in the trash, because these slippers are so beautiful they deserved the treatment they ultimately received, which was to sleep forever in this gorgeous blister packaging so that future generations could gaze upon their wonder untarnished.

Pics via the always-excellent Supper Mario Broth.


UPDATE: OK turns out these are kid’s sizes, so disregard that opening paragraph. The second paragraph, however, still stands.

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Doktah Doktah

This is how you do video game shoes.

Not this Oh it has his colors so it kind of looks like him.