Deadline reports that plans to re-release more Star Wars films in 3D have been scrapped. Phew.

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You know why? Because if there is one thing Disney does really well, it is market research. They probably took one look at the tepid response to Episode I 3D and said "Nope, not doing any more of those." This is pretty plausible since Lucas and Disney would have been in buyout negotiations pretty far in advance, when E3D was still in theaters, and so they would have been an interested party at that point. Hell, they wouldn't even have needed to do research that far back, they could have just looked at the final worldwide box-office info a few weeks ago.

I do not hate 3D like a lot of people here on Kotaku. I think it is gimmicky for a lot of movies, but try to show me an industry without gimmicks and I'll call you a damned liar. What I cannot stand, however, is post-converted 3D. You are basically trying to interpolate a 2D image to create things that were never there, and the results almost always show poorly. Properly-shot 3D and 3D animation, on the other hand, I adore.