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We're all for these blatant attempts at cross-promotion, whether it's Metal Gear Solid 4 in our LittleBigPlanet or Peggle in our World of Warcraft. And we're especially for it when it's Dead Space in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.


According to video from the official site, via 360 Sync, EA Sports' latest Tiger Woods branded links game features an awesome unlockable costume, the CEC Mining Hazard Suit from EA's Dead Space. It doesn't appear to grant the golfer any special abilities, like, say, better extremity dismemberment against your fellow golfers, but it does make the intangible "experience" far greater.

Oh, and it also unlocks the "No Known Survivors" achievement apparently, boosting your Gamerscore by 35 points.


Sure, guest characters bizarrely appearing in golf games is nothing new. But how can you not appreciate this?

Dead Space Meets Tiger Woods 10; Unlockable Costume [360 Sync via Joystiq]

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